Parenting Support & Programmes

ARC FRC recognise that parenting is the most important job that someone can undertake and that sometimes we all need a little help, support, direction or just a listening ear. That’s why we offer a range of parental supports free of charge.

These supports range from tailored one to one parental support which is designed to meet the individual needs of the parent and family to group parenting programmes which can cover a range of topics such as communication, behavioural and family issues.

Raheen Family Resource Centre also organises seminars and talks on specialised topics such as anxiety in adolescence.

For more information please ring 051 442888


Resources & Partnerships

Wexford Parents Hub

A one stop shop for all your local Parenting questions


Parents Plus

Universal, preventative & targeted solutions with proven benefits for families, including those dealing with disadvantage, disability & mental health issues, as well as the normal ups & downs of family life. The 7 Programmes are effective for children across different age groups, & can be delivered individually or in small groups, both in person or online, to families, parents & young people. Please contact the office for details 051 442 888


Triple P

Triple P aims to promote positive caring relationships between children, teenagers and their parents. To support parents in managing common behaviour and development issues through enhancing parents’ knowledge, skills and confidence.

Younger Programme (2 – 10 years): Triple P teaches parents skills to encourage and support their child’s social and language skills, emotional self regulation, independence and problem solving skills.

Teen Programme (11 – 15 years) Triple P teachers parents how to encourage emotional self regulation, how to support their teenager to develop the social skills to get along with others and to do well in school and community.